A team of German and Dutch scientists synthesized a series of substances, which show bright luminescence under UV light.  “The compounds decompose upon contact with oxygen or moisture. Because of that, all chemicals must be thoroughly dried in specialized vacuum ovens and all... [more]

Li9GaP4, reveals a high superionic conductivity of 1.6 mS cm–1 and a low activation energy. Li9GaP4 is easily accessible via ball milling of the elements and subsequent annealing at quite moderate temperatures. Temperature-dependent single-crystal X-ray diffraction reveals that... [more]

In this review, examples of borderline cases at the transition from “locally delocalized electrons” to delocalized electronic systems are summarized, with a special focus on examples that occur as anions in solution and in extended solids.    Klein W., Schier A., Fässler T.F.... [more]

The unique three‐dimensional structure of spherical, homoatomic nine‐atom germanium clusters opens various possibilities for the spatial arrangement of functional groups. Ligands comprising lone pairs have recently been introduced in the cluster sphere, and we now report the... [more]

The lithium phosphidoaluminate Li9AlP4 represents a promising new compound with a high lithium ion mobility.This triggered the search for new members in the family of lithium phosphidotrielates, and the novel compounds Li3AlP2 and Li3GaP2, obtained directly from the elements via... [more]

Intermediates and products of the reaction of Zn(II) organyls with tetrel element Zintl ions: cluster extension versus complexation [more]

Polyanionic Frameworks in the Lithium Phosphidogermanates Li2GeP2 and LiGe3P3 – Synthesis, Structure, and Lithium Ion Mobility [more]

Fast Lithium Ion Conduction in Lithium Phosphidoaluminates T. M. F. Restle, Ch. Sedlmeier, H. Kirchhain, W. Klein, G. Raudaschl-Sieber, V. L. Deringer, L. van Wüllen, H. A. Gasteiger, T. F. Fässler Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020 Fast lithium... [more]

Solvate-Induced Metallization: Flat [Bi1-] Zigzag Chains in Metallic KBi · NH3 versus [Bi1-] Helices in Semiconducting KBi K. Mayer, J. V. Dums, C. B. Benda, W. Klein, T. F. Fässler Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020 Polymeric  in KBi · NH3... [more]

Press release: Theoretical calculations indicate that under certain conditions silicon can endow solar cells with a much higher efficiency. Small silicon clusters may provide a source of accordingly modified silicon. However, to date these clusters have not been accessible in... [more]