Welcome to the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry

Introduction to Our Battery Research

Introduction to Our Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer Research

Our Motivation

Energy storage and conversion play an increasingly important role in overcoming today’s major socio-political and ecological challenges, including the electrification of transportation and efficient utilization of renewable energy sources, such as wind energy and photovoltaic. With Li-ion batteries and fuel cells leading the way, the research of our chair is addressing some of the key technologies to decrease the dependency on fossil fuels and reduce local carbon dioxide emissions, including (i) batteries, (ii) fuel cells, and (iii) electrolyzers.

In each of these fields, our activities encompass several steps along the value chain, starting from the synthesis and preparation of innovative materials including battery storage materials as well as fuel cell and electrolysis catalysts. We apply various (electro-)analytical and spectroscopic techniques to characterize and mechanistically investigate the material properties and related interfacial phenomena. Finally, we manufacture electrodes to measure the electrochemical performance in battery test cells and fuel cell stations.

Our chair maintains close collaborations with local institutions and partners from industry as well as various research groups from around the world.