Graphene hybrids (left) made from metal organic frameworks (MOF) and graphenic acid make an excellent positive electrode for supercapacitors, which thus achieve an energy density similar to that of nickel-metal hydride batteries. Roland Fischer's article in Advanced Materials on... [mehr]

Our new publication in ACS Catalysis highlights the merits of synergistically entrapping a molecular carbon dioxide reduction photocatalyst and a photosensitizer inside the defined pores of MOFs. Check it out! [mehr]

We have just published a concept article in ChemCatChem entitled "Exploitation of Intrinsic Confinement Effects of MOFs in Catalysis". Congrats to Karina and the team, check it out as it's Open Access! [mehr]

Our newest Cover Feature shows a colloidal palladium nanoparticle catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of liquid alkynes from Lena's ChemCatChem publication. [mehr]

Our newest publication in Chemistry of Materials explores selective positioning of nanosized MOF Particles at patterned substrate surfaces towards expanding MOF material applicability. Congrats to Lisa! [mehr]

Our new publication in Dyes and Pigments explores a Nitrophenyl-Carbazole based Push-Pull Linker as a Building Block for Non-Linear Optical Active Coordination Polymers. Congrats to Sebi and David! [mehr]

Congrats to Pia Vervoorts and the team involved - their research has received a press release from the TUM and Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) due to very nice results and great collaboration between numerous chairs. Read more here! [mehr]

Roland A. Fischer is a highly cited researcher in the Web of Science in 2020. [mehr]

We are proud that David Mayer has successfully defended his outstanding PhD thesis - click here to find some of his research highlights (with more on the way!). Congrats David! [mehr]

We are very happy that our alumnus Min Tu has published a great article with Prof. Rob Ameloot's group in Leuven in Nature Materials. Well worth reading! [mehr]