Dr. Nicolas Hörmann

Postdoctoral Fellow

group member since April 2019


office CH63223

e-mail nicolas.hoermann@tum.de

phone +49 89 289 54324

Further Information

Nicolas Hörmann is leading the electrocatalysis subgroup in Prof. K. Reuter’s research lab at the Chair for Theoretical Chemistry at TU Munich. 

After a Diploma in physics at TU Munich, he joined the group of Prof. Axel Groß at Ulm University (DE) where he studied novel battery materials based on density functional theory calculations. After obtaining his PhD thesis, he joined the THEOS lab of Prof. Nicola Marzari at EPFL, where he worked on the use of continuum solvation models for performing simulations of electrified solid-liquid interfaces with improved accuracy. These studies were performed in close collaboration with the core development team of the implicit solvent module ENVIRON of Quantum ESPRESSO around Prof. Oliviero Andreussi (University of North Texas).

In 2019, Nicolas Hörmann joined Prof. K. Reuter’s group as an Eurotech PostDoc Fellow. His work focuses here on developing tested and standardized simulation protocols for electrocatalytic processes based on a consistent fully grand canonical description of electrified solid-liquid interfaces.