Competencies and Equipment

What we offer

At the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry we offer a unique combination of know-how across different electrochemical storage and conversion technologies: (i) batteries, (ii) fuel cells, and (iii) electrolyzer. Organized along these three research areas, our competencies include:

  • Synthesis and preparation of innovative electrode/catalyst materials (e.g. core-shell nanoparticle catalysts)
  • Characterization and mechanistic investigation of materials, electrodes, and electrolytes through combined (electro-)analytical and spectroscopic techniques (e.g., potential-resolved gas evolution analysis of battery electrodes and electrolytes)
  • Bechnmarking of the electrochemical performance and aging testing of batteries on a cell level (e.g., Li-ion pouch-cells) and in fuel-cell test stations

Selected methods and capabilities

Pouch-cell assembly
Surface analysis (XPS)
Working in inert atmosphere
Electrode preparation
Rotating disc electrode measurements
Adhesion testing