Dr. Hui Shi

Group Leader

Catalysis Research Center and Chemistry Department

Technische Universität München

Lichtenbergstraße 4

85748 Garching, Germany


Biographical Note

Dr. Shi has more than 10 years of research experience in the area of chemical kinetics and heterogeneous catalysis. While being versed in heterogeneously catalyzed conversions of natural gas, CO2 and petroleum-related hydrocarbons, his latest research focuses on synthesis of renewable energy carriers (e.g., from biomass) in gas and condensed reaction media, using supported metal/metal oxides, ordered porous solid acids and multi-functional catalyst formulations. The two main foci are: 1) elucidation of kinetic and mechanistic aspects in the catalytic conversion (e.g., hydrodeoxygenation) of lignocellulosic model compounds and real feed to fuels and chemicals; 2) developing practical heterogeneous catalysts that function stably and efficiently in liquid phases (in particular, aqueous phase) for biomass conversions and other catalytic applications. At TUM, he’s leading a project on sulfide catalysts in partner with the Chevron Company.



YearsInstitution and LocationDegreeField of study
2013 - presentPNNLPostdoctoral research associateCatalysis/Physical Chemistry
2008 - 2012Technical University of Munich, GermanyPhDTechnical Chemistry/Physical Chemistry/Catalysis
2005 - 2008Tsinghua University, ChinaMSPhysical Chemistry
2001 - 2005Tsinghua University, ChinaBSChemistry