Dr. Erika Elisabeta Ember

Senior Scientist

Catalysis Research Center and Chemistry Department

Technische Universität München

Lichtenbergstraße 4

85748 Garching, Germany 




2010–PresentSenior Scientist at TU München 
2006–2010Post-doctoral fellow of Inorganic University of Erlangen Nürnberg
2002-2006PhD at Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg



Multisite catalytic reactions for sustainable chemical synthesis

Catalysis lies at the heart of modern innovative science. Main research activities at the TU München are focused on detailed mechanistic and kinetic studies of complex reaction networks in the synthesis of important polymer building blocks. The capacity to activate small molecules like CO2, CO and Cl2 in the presence of multisite solid catalysts and transform them to a more versatile product is beside the development of processes with high resource efficiency in the centre of interest. Modern spectroscopic techniques are applied in order to study the nature of in-situ build key intermediates and to study the structure-reactivity relationship in relevant homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic transformations. 


Publications (5 selected):  

Sabine Rothbart, Erika Ember, Rudi van Eldik New J. Chem. 36 (2012) 732-748. “Mechanistic studies on the oxidative degradation of Orange II by peracetic acid catalyzed by simple manganese(II) salts. Tuning the lifetime of the catalyst.”

Debabrata Chatterjee, Erika Ember, Ujjwal Pal, Sarita Ghosh and Rudi van Eldik Dalton Trans. 40 (2011) 10473-10480. “Remarkably high catalytic activity of the RuIII(edta)/H2O2 system towards degradation of the azo-dye Orange II.”

S. Rothbart, E. Ember, R. van Eldik Dalton Trans., 39 (2010) 3264–3272. “Comparative study of the catalytic activity of [MnII(bpy)2Cl2] and [Mn2III/IV(-O)2(bpy)4](ClO4)3 in the H2O2 induced oxidation of organic dyes in carbonate buffered aqueous solution.”

E. Ember, H.A. Gazzaz, S. Rothbart, R. Puchta, R. van Eldik Applied Catalysis B, Environmental 95 (2009) 179-191. “MnII - a fascinating oxidation catalyst: Mechanistic insight into the catalyzed oxidative degradation of organic dyes by H2O2.” 

P. Deglmann, E. Ember, P. Hofmann, S. Pitter, O. Walter Chemistry - A European Journal 13 (2007) 2864-2879. “Experimental and Theoretical In vestigations on CO2 Hydrosilylation.”