Biologische Chemie (LV2193)

"Biologische Chemie"  (LV2193) is a lecture shared between Sevil Weinkauf, Aymelt Itzen, Kathrin Lang, Michael Sattler and Stephan Sieber.
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Seminar: Rezeption wissenschaftlicher Literatur I (LV0122)

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Vortragsseminar Biochemie (LV0549)

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Protein- and Nucleic Acid Chemistry

The lecture deals with new and modern aspect of synthetic biochemistry and chemical biology, with a special focus on protein- and nucleic acid chemistry.
Topics include:
Protein chemistry:
Protein labeling strategies
Advanced Methods in Protein Modification (chemistry on proteins, bioorthogonal reactions)
Beyond the 20 natural amino acids (genetic code expansion, orthogonal translation systems)
Nucleic Acid chemistry:
Chemical synthesis of DNA/RNA
Functional nucleic acids and how to select them (aptamers, ribozymes, flexizymes, riboswitches)
RNA labelling strategies
Photochemical control of biological processes 

Further details, topics and materials on this lecture can be found and downloaded on the moodle-website:
Moodle: PNAC

Seminar: Rezeption wissenschaftlicher Literatur II (LV0628)

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We offer internships (Forschungspraktikum) for Master Students in Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry with an interest in Protein Chemistry, Synthetic Biochemistry and Chemical Biology.

Your application should contain a short statement why you want to do your internship in our lab,  a CV, certificates for both Bachelor and Master Studies, information on where and with whom you did previous internships (Lehrstuhl/Arbeitsgruppe/BetreuerIn) and please state with whom in the KLang lab you had already contact, if this applies.

Please contact as well in advance. We generally ask that you stay for all internships for at least 6 weeks in the lab.