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January 2021
Congratulations @MaxFottner for winning an award from the Biochemistry section @GDCh_aktuell for your work on site-specific ubiquitylation at #AdvancesChemBio. We @klanglab are all very proud of you!

December 2020
Congratulations Dr. Fottner!  Thanks so much for your work and input, which was also essential for our #ERCCoG. I really enjoy working with you and I am very proud of the scientist you are/have become.

Extremely happy and excited that the @klanglab got an #ERCCoG grant to develop new tools to crack the ubiquitin code!! Thanks to my awesome group, my collaborators as well as reviewers/committee and @ERC_Research! 2020 shows how important basic science funding is for us all!

So the big news is out! I am really excited to announce that I have accepted a full professorship for Chemical Biology @ETH_en @ETH_DCHAB and that the @klanglab will be moving to Switzerland next year! Very much looking forward to the adventure and to new collaborations and friendships!

October 2020
Congrats to Flo, for finishing and defending his master thesis!
We are very happy to get to keep him a couple more weeks as a research assistant.

September 2020
Kudos to Kristina on her first review, published in Current Opinion in Chemical Biology! 10.1016/j.cbpa.2020.07.012

August 2020
Congratulations Marie on your successful PhD defense!!! We wish you all the best for your post-doc. 

July 2020
We congratulate Steffi for passing her final exams as a technical assistant. Though we are sad to see her leave, wa are sure she will be awesome in her new job. All the best, your KLang Lab.

June 2020
We welcome Sophia as our new technical assistant in training. We are sure she will do great and be an asset for our lab.

May 2020
Today we welcome back Tobi as our latest master student.

April 2020
Kathrin was successfully tenured to W3 Associate Professor for Synthetic Biochemistry!

January 2020
Marie won a travel grant for the International Symposium on Chemical Biology, Geneva, Switzerland.

October 2019
Congratulations to Marko! He was our second PhD student and has now successfully defended his thesis.

August 2019
Congratulations to Susanne, our first PhD student, on defending her thesis.

July 2019
Best poster award at 25th IMPRS Seminar, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry to Marie-Lena Jokisch for poster: Genetic Code Expansion Tools for the Site-specific incorporation of novel post-translational modifications.

June 2019
Vera joined us for her PhD thesis. We are looking forward to some great science.

Travel grant (CIPSM) to Susanne Mayer to attend 8th Chemical Protein Synthesis meeting, Berlin, Germany.

Poster award from Nature Reviews Chemistry at 8th Chemical Protein Synthesis meeting, Berlin, Germany to Susanne Mayer for poster: Photo-induced tetrazine-alkyne cycloadditions

May 2019
CIPSM first grants to Susanne Mayer, Kristina Krauskopf, Marie-Kristin von Wrisberg and Marie-Lena Jokisch.

April 2019
Best poster award at Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium 2019, Vienna, Austria to Maximilian Fottner for poster: Site-specific ubiquitylation and SUMOylation of proteins in vitro and in living cells.

Travel grant to Maximilian Fottner to attend Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium 2019, Vienna, Austria.

March 2019
Vera finished her Master Thesis! Congratulations!!

February 2019
Check out our new paper on site-specific ubiquitylation and SUMOylation in Nature Chemical Biology!
Congratulations Max!
Site-specific ubiquitylation and SUMOylation using genetic code expansion and sortase
News and views by the Matouschek lab: Decoding without the cipher

February 2019
We are happy that Toni starts his PhD Thesis in our lab!

October 2018
We are on twitter: @klanglab

September 2018
Toni finished his Master Thesis. Congratualtions!

Vera joins our group for her Master Thesis. Welcome!

September 2018
Poster award at EMBO Chemical Biology conference, Heidelberg, Germany to Maximilian Fottner for poster: Site-specific ubiquitylation and SUMOylation of proteins in vitro and in living cells

August 2018
Our review on genetic code expansion tools to study protein-protein interactions is online. Congratulations Anh and Marko!

Poster award at genetic code expansion conference 2018, Corvallis, Oregon USA to Marko Cigler for poster: Proximity-Triggered Covalent Stabilization of Low-Affinity Complexes In Vitro and In Vivo.

July 2018
Kathrin receives the FEBS Anniversary Award 2018 at the FEBS meeting in Prag.

May 2018
The new DFG collaborative research center SFB1309 'Chemical Biology of Epigenetic Modifications' got funded! We are part of it with our proposal on post-translationally modifying proteins via genetic code expansion tools

April 2018
Marie-Lena joins our lab for her PhD thesis via the IMPRS-LS graduate school. Welcome Marie-Lena!

Toni joins our lab for his Master thesis. Welcome Toni!

March 2018
Marko won a publication award from the priority programme SPP1623 for his Angewandte paper. Congrats!

Travel grant to Susanne Mayer to attend genetic code expansion conference 2018, Oregon, USA (CIPSM women)

March 2018
Kristina is back for her PhD thesis, welcome back!

Best paper award, SPP1623 to Marko Cigler for publication: M. Cigler, T.G. Müller, D.       Horn-Ghetko, M.K. von Wrisberg, M. Fottner, R. S. Goody, A. Itzen, M.P. Müller and K. Lang*; Proximity-triggered covalent stabilization of low affinity protein complexes in    vitro and in vivo; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201756, 15737

December 2017
Kristina successfully finished her Master Thesis. Congratulations! We are glad she will be back in March as a PhD student

October 2017
Poster prize at GRK1721 meeting to Maximilian Fottner for poster: Genetic code expansion tools for the site-specific incorporation of novel post-translational modifications.

October 2017
We are now part of the International Max Planck Research School for Life Sciences (IMPRS-LS). If you have studied biochemistry, molecular biotechnology or a related subject and are interested in doing a PhD in Chemical Biology/Synthetic Biochemistry please apply through the IMPRS-LS website. More information can be found under Open Positions and on the IMPRS-LS website.

September 2017
Our paper on covalent stabilization of low-affinity protein complexes for structure elucidation got published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.
Congratulations Marko, Thorsten, Daniel, Marie and Max!

September 2017
Daniel finished his Master Thesis. Congratulations!

July 2017
CIPSM first grant to Susanne Mayer and Marie-Kristin von Wrisberg

June 2017
Kristina joins our group for her Master Thesis. Welcome Kristina!

April 2017
Andreas finished his Master Thesis. Congrats!

January 20017
Our Review on Tetrazines and their use in Biology is published. Congratulations Susanne!

January 2017
Daniel joins our group as Master Student. Welcome!

October 2016
Max comes back to the lab as a new PhD student. Welcome!

October 2016
Andreas joins our group as a Master Student! Welcome Andi!

September 2016
Max finished his Master Thesis. Congratulations!

August 2016
Marie and Susanne win a CIPSM first grant award. Congratulations!!

August 2016
Domink finished his Master thesis. Congratulations!

August 2016
We are now part of the DFG funded Research Training Group (Grakuiertenkolleg - Hybrid Methods in Genome Biology) GRK1721. Our project 'New chemical tools for Structural Biology' got funded!

July 2016
Our proposal within the DFG collaborative research center SFB1035 'Control of protein function by conformational switching' got funded!

June 2016
Anh joins the group as a PhD student. Welcome Anh!

April 2016
Marie joins the group as a PhD student. Welcome Marie!

September 2015
Our proposal within the priority program 'Chemoselective Reactions for the Synthesis and Application of Functional Proteins (SPP1623)' got funded! (Collaboration wiht Dr. Sebastian Bultmann, Human Biology and Bioimaging, Faculty of Biology, LMU, Munich)

July 2015
Congratulations to Marko for winning a very competitve Kekule PhD fellowship from the Fond der Chemischen Industrie

Jürgen Manchot Award to Master student Thorsten Müller

June 2015
Congratulations to Thorsten for finishing his Master Thesis!

May 2015
Congratulations to Susanne for winning a CIPSM first grant award