IRTG 2022 "ATUMS" - Project 1.

Project 1. Hybrid optoelectronic materials utilizing nanostructures

TUM: Rieger, Kunkel, Fässler, Becherer, Tornow
UofA: Veinot, Meldrum, Hegmann, Michaelis
Students: Marc Kloberg, Elisabeth Groß, Baohui Chen


In this project, we build on our know-how gained during the first ATUMS phase in the field of silicon nanoparticles / nanocrystals (SiNPs /SiNCs) and silicon nanosheets (SiNSs or silicane). We plan to design new hybrid materials that exhibit tuneable electronic structure / properties and feature efficient electronic communication both between silicon nanostructures and their close as well as remote environment. It became obvious that this goal can be achieved through an appropriate surface chemistry on silicon nanostructures, covalently binding, for example, suitably designed conjugated aromatic molecules and polymers to them. Further strategy towards band gap engineering of silicon nanostructures which is planned to be probed within this project is their controlled doping with external elements. This will require the development of conceptually new synthetic approaches to such silicon nanostructures.

Within the project collaboration network, the synthesized tailor-made hybrid materials will be comprehensively characterized with respect to their optoelectronic properties and, if promising characteristics are observed, they will be subsequently utilized for fabrication of prototype devices such as photodiodes, sensors, hybrid-LEDs and displays.