2019/08/29 Sebastian presents his work at the ACS Meeting in San Diego!  
2018/07/06 E. O. Fischer Teaching Award of the Faculty of Chemistry awarded to LH  
2016/05/9 Inauguration of the catalysis research center  
01/02-2016 The group moves into the catalysis research center  
2015/11/19 Guest at the Humboldt Kolleg in Goa (India)  
2015/4/17 "HFSP success stories"- article about our HFSP project  
2014/12/10 Prof. Hintermann appeared as expert on "will-o'-the-wisps" on Arte TV. We don't really do research on those, but have an interest in (bio)luminescence!  
2014/08/10 Johannes presents his work at the ACS Meeting in San Francisco!  
2014/05/21-22 Prof. Douglas Grotjahn (San Diego State University) visits TUM and the Hintermann group  
2014/02/24 until 2014/03/06 Lecture "Oranic Chemistry 2" is held once more at the German Institute of Science and Technology (TUM Asia) in Singapore by L. Hintermann - with twice the number of students!  
2013/10/15 Prof. Dr. Parasuraman Jaisankar from the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (C.S.I.R.), Jadavpur, Kolkata, is visiting our group for 2 months as guest professor via the DAAD reinvitation-programme  
2013/03/18 until 2013/03/28 Lecture "Oranic Chemistry 2" is held at TUM Asia in Singapore by L. Hintermann  
2013/02/28 to 2013/03/01: We have organized the second HFSP Meeting "Excited-State Structure of the Emitter and Color-Tuning Mechanism of the Firefly Bioluminescence" at TUM.  
2013/01/01 Happy New Year! Instead of candle lights we present the cool light of oxyluciferin in DMSO solution under UV (366 nm) irradiation.  
2012/10/19 Prof. Hintermann presents at "Collegium@Hönggerberg/Forum Molekulare Wissenschaften" (ETH Zürich, Schweiz) on the topic "Mit der Tastenkombination ‹Kopieren/Einfügen› zur virtuellen Wissenschaft"  
2012/09/25 Hintermann group at the ORCHEM - Oleg receives a Best Poster Price
2012/09/24 Prof. Hintermann will give a lecture at ORCHEM 2012 in Weimar, Topic: "Catalytic Hydro-oxy-functionalization of Alkenes and Alkynes: New Catalysts and Synthetic Applications"  
2012/09/04 Oleg Maltsev presents results on oxyluciferin chemistry at the "Bioorganik 2012" Symposium in Rostock  
2012/07/02 Max Blazejak starts as PhD student - welcome!  
2012/03/22 Emma (Haotian) Wu starts her PhD work - welcome!  
2012/03/13-15 1st HFSP Meeting "Excited-State Structure of the Emitter and Color-Tuning Mechanism of the Firefly Bioluminescence" in Strasbourg with (l. t. r.) P. Naumov, C. Ruckebusch, L. Hintermann, M. Sliwa, P. Didier, A. Ghose, O. Maltsev. Oleg presents our results.  
2011/09/1 Dr. Oleg Maltsev (Zelinsky Inst. of Organic Chemistry and Mendeleev Univ. of Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia) arrives.    
2011/05/17 Students from the Werner Heisenberg Gymnasium visit our group    

 2011/04/28   The glove-box has arrived!

2011/03/28 Our HFSP project "Excited-state structure of the emitter and color-tuning mechanism of the firefly bioluminescence" (Didier, Hintermann, Naumov, Siva) has been granted!    
2011/02/10 Prof. Hintermann is a member of the Catalysis Research Center (CRC)    
2011/01/29 Transission to as main homepage    
2011/01/17 Dr. Zheng-Jun Quan (Guest Scientist Northwestern Normal University, P. R. China) has arrived    
2011/01/01 Andreas Brunner starts PhD work