IRTG 2022 "ATUMS" Functional Hybrid Materials

What we are

The government-funded International Research Group IRTG 2022 "ATUMS" - Alberta/Technical University of Munich International Graduate School -  is a cooperation between Germany (Technical University of Munich, TUM) and Canada (University of Alberta, UofA).
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Who we are


Spokesperson: Prof. B. Rieger
Scientific-Coord: Dr. S. Vagin
IGSSE-Contact: Dr. M. Barden
Gender Equality: Prof. N. Kunkel
Student´s Speaker: F. Eckmann
: Prof. J. Veinot
Scientific-Coordinator: L. Veinot

Events and news

11-15. November 2019 Annual ATUMS Meeting in Canada, Alberta

17th October 2019 Si-Chemistry Symposium, Institute for Advanced Studies, TUM Garching



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