New article just accepted at The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

We are happy to announce that The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters accepted our article entitled "Annihilation Dynamics of Molecular Excitons Measured at a Single Perturbative Excitation Energy" for publicaiton. In a collabroration between organic synthetic chemistry (C. Lambert), quantum chemistry (F. Plasser, M. Menger) and theory (F. Šanda), we use fifth order multidimensional spectroscopy as a sensitive probe for exciton-exciton annihilation dynamics.

Three papers in one special issue

Our group had the pleassure of contributing a total of three papers to a special issue in Chemical Physics honouring Leonas Valkunas. The topics we cover range from fifth order multidimensional spectroscopy, a theoretical study of exciton-exciton annihilation to  a generalized Huang-Rhys factor for molecular aggregates.