Part of a new transregio cooperative research centre

Our group is proud to be a part of the transregio collaborative research centre (SFB/TRR) "Assembly controlled chemical photocatalysis" between TUM, Universität Regensburg, LMU and Universität Leipzig. The general aim is the development of novel photocatalytic systems for organic synthesis by controlling the interaction between the catalyst and its reaction partners.


Article selected as "2020 Editors' Choice" in JCP

Our article "Intraband dynamics and exciton trapping in the LH2 complex of Rhodopseudomonas acidophila" was selected to be part of the collection 2020 Editors' Choice in the Journal of Chemical Physics. This collection features "the most innovative and influential articles in chemical physics and physical chemistry each year." and will be available free of charge until the end of 2021.


New article published in "The Journal of Chemical Physics"

In collaboration with the group around Donatas Zigmantas in Lund, we recently published an article in The Journal of Chemical Physics, entitled "Intraband dynamics and exciton trapping in the LH2 complex of Rhodopseudomonas acidophila". The article was part of a special issue on "Excitons: Energetics and Spatio-temporal Dynamics".

New article just published in "Review of Scientific Instruments"

In a collaboration with Walter Schottky Institute, we published a setup that allows for the interferometric detection of photocurrent excitation spectra. The article entitled "Time-domain photocurrent spectroscopy basedon a common-path birefringent interferometer" was generously supported by the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering - IGSSE.

New article published in "Frontiers in Chemistry"

Our article entitled "Anharmonic Molecular Motion Drives Resonance Energy Transfer in peri-Arylene Dyads" was recently published in Frontiers in Chemistry. The article is part of a special issue on Vibrationally-Mediated Chemical Dynamics. This work represents the result of a long-standing collaboration between us and Tomáš Mančal, František Šanda, (both Charles University in Prague) and LMU's Heinz Langhals.

New article just accepted at The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

We are happy to announce that The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters accepted our article entitled "Annihilation Dynamics of Molecular Excitons Measured at a Single Perturbative Excitation Energy" for publicaiton. In a collabroration between organic synthetic chemistry (C. Lambert), quantum chemistry (F. Plasser, M. Menger) and theory (F. Šanda), we use fifth order multidimensional spectroscopy as a sensitive probe for exciton-exciton annihilation dynamics.

Three papers in one special issue

Our group had the pleassure of contributing a total of three papers to a special issue in Chemical Physics honouring Leonas Valkunas. The topics we cover range from fifth order multidimensional spectroscopy, a theoretical study of exciton-exciton annihilation to  a generalized Huang-Rhys factor for molecular aggregates.