Article accepted at PNAS

We announce with great pleasure that our article entitled "Single-molecule excitation–emission spectroscopy" was accepted for publication at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). The article stems from a collaboration between TUM, Politecnico di Milano, and University of Copenhagen.

The most popular methods of single-molecule detection are based on fixed-wavelength excitation of individual molecules combined with dispersed detection of emission. While these methods are well established, they mainly provide information on the excited-state environment of the fluorophore. Here, we introduce an approach capable of simultaneously acquiring the full information, involving both ground- and excited states, by recording a 2D excitation versus emission map for single molecules by use of a birefringent interferometer. We interpret the results in terms of optical lineshape theory. The presented approach is easily implementable and applicable to a wide range of scientific problems, ranging from spectroscopy of supramolecular biological complexes to materials science.

We are moving to TU Munich

2017-10-10 We are proud to announce that the MuMoS group will move to TU Munich, where Jürgen Hauer now holds a professorship for dynamics spectroscopies, as part of the Department of Chemistry. The respective homepage is under construction.

Publication accepted at PCCP

2017-10-02 Our article entitled "Anharmonic vibrational effects in linear and two-dimensional electronic spectra" has been accepted for publication at PCCP. The article stems from a long-lasting cooperation between the MuMoS-group and the group around František Šanda at the Charles University in Prague.

Publication accepted at Photosynthetic Research

2017-07-04  A new article from our group and friends has been accepted at Photosynthetic Research. The works stems from a collaboration between groups at Politecnico di Milano, Vilnius University and Queen Mary University of London. The article is part of a special issue, dedicated to the 'Light Harvesting Satellite Meeting of the 17th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research'.