Group members

Group leader

Alexander Pöthig 
Office: CH6 56207 Lab: CRC 4032
Tel: +49 89 (289) 13133 or 54128


Christian Jandl
Lab: CRC 4040
Tel: +49 89 (289) 54134

PhD students

Alexandra Heidecker
Lab: CRC 4040
Tel: +49 89 (289) 54134

Thomas Pickl
Lab: CRC 4040
Tel: +49 89 (289) 54134

Master students

Alberto Piccoli (visiting Master student)
Lab: CRC 4040
Tel: +49 89 (289) 54134

Bachelor Students

Former group members

Alexander Spears (Lab student)

Tom Calmus (Master student)

Shengyang Guan (PhD student)

Samuele Neuberg (visiting Master student)

Armin Römer (Lab student)

Felix Suttor (Bachelor student)

Markus Anneser (Postdoc)

Alexandros Paparakis (visiting Master student)

Massimiliano Curcio (Postdoc)

Marco Baron (Postdoc)

Sandra Wenisch (Master student)

Philipp Altmann (PhD student)

David Duowei Xu (Bachelor student)

Leon Schuchmann (Master student)

Julia Klüpfel (Bachelor student)

Raphaela Graßl (Lab student)

Joachim Preinl (Lab student)

Michael Ehrenreich (Master student)

David Mayer (Master student)

Simone Stegbauer (Lab student)

Fabian Hörmann (Lab student)

Xiaoyu Zhou (Bachelor student)

Tobias Schirmer (Lab student)

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If you are interested in a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis or a lab course project please contact Alexander Pöthig. At the moment we don't have vacant PhD or postdoc positions but we can support applications for scholarships.