M. Sc. Lena Staiger

Joined the team in March 2017

Graduated at Technical University of Munich under the guidance of Prof. Dr. R. A. Fischer in 2017

Room No.: 4039
Phone: 089 289 54134
E-mail: lena.staiger[at]tum.de

Research Topic: Nanometallurgy in Solution: Development of synthesis strategies for bimetallic nanoalloys and investigation on their catalytic performance in semi-hydrogenation catalysis

The selective semi-hydrogenation of alkynes to olefins is of high relevance to produce polyolefins and fine chemicals. The undesired full hydrogenation to alkanes is thermodynamically favored, as the hydrogenation of the olefin is energetically preferred over desorption from the catalyst surface,  and therefore, the isolation of the olefin is difficult.

During this PhD project, we want to investigate the catalytic performance of colloidal nanoparticles in the semi-hydrogenation catalysis of alkynes. We intend to understand the crucial parameters concerning activity, selectivity and stability of the applied catalytic systems by systematically change the electronic environment of the active metal. A systematic investigation on the influence of additives as well as the influence of a second, ignoble metal will give rise to a better understanding of the optimal conditions for a highly active and selective catalyst.

Selected Publications

L. Staiger, T. Kratky, S. Günther, O. Tomanek, R. Zboril, R.W. Fischer, R.A. Fischer, M. Cokoja ChemCatChem 2020 ASAP (Steric and Electronic Effects of Phosphane Additives on the Catalytic Performance of Colloidal Palladium Nanoparticles in the Semi‐Hydrogenation of Alkynes)

L. Schmolke, B. J. Gregori, B. Giesen, A. Schmitz, J. Barthel, L. Staiger, R. A. Fischer, A. Jacobi von Wangelin, C. Janiak, New J. Chem. 2019, 43(42), 16583–16594 (Bimetallic Co/Al nanoparticles in an ionic liquid: synthesis and application in alkyne hydrogenation)