M.Sc. Thomas Pickl

Graduated at Technical University Munich under the guidance of Prof. Roland A. Fischer

Joined the team in January 2020.

Room No.: 4040
Phone: 089 289 54133
E-mail: thomas.pickl[at]tum.de

Research Topic: Mechanically Interlocked NHC Ligands in Supramolecular Organometallics

The focus of my PhD project lies on the implementation of tubular metallocavitands – so-called pillarplexes – as building blocks in supramolecular ensembles. The porous pillarplexes show extraordinary selectivity for the insertion of linear molecules into their cavity and this host–guest chemistry will be systematically explored. The cavitands and the incorporated molecules are highly modular and functionalization at both ends of the linear guest species will be used to construct so-called rotaxanes by attaching bulky stopper groups at the ends of these axle components.


The metal ions holding the pillarplex subcomponents together can be reversibly released upon an external stimulus (pH-change). Hereby, a purely organic mechanically interlocked ligand is obtained. This “rotaxand” consists of two macrocyclic rings held in close proximity by the molecular axle. The coordination behavior of such platforms towards group 8 – 11 metal ions will be explored.