B.Sc. Thomas Pickl

Graduated at Technical University Graz under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Harald Stüger.

Joined the team in January 2020.

Room No.: 4039
Phone: 089 289 54133
E-mail: thomas.pickl[at]tum.de

Research Topic: Supramolecular organometallic chemistry of macrocyclic NHC/pyrazolate complexes

Macrocyclic ligands bearing NHC and pyrazolate functionalities have been shown to form tubular cavitands by coordination to Ag(I) and Au(I) ions. These so-called pillarplexes may be fluorescent (gold congener) and can selectively incorporate linear alkanes into their tubular cavity. In presence of Ni(II) and Pd(II) ions, which enforce a square-planar coordination mode, boat-shaped bimetallic complexes are obtained. These bent molecules selectively encapsulate chloride and bromide ions by self-assembly resulting in tennis-ball like structures. This Master’s thesis aims to synthesize the respective Pt(II) and Ir(III) NHC-complexes which are envisioned to be emissive in the visible region. The structure and reactivity of these compounds will be characterized by NMR, UV/Vis spectrometry, fluorimetry, MS and SC-XRD. Eventually, their ability to encapsulate halogenides and the effect of capsoplex-formation on their optical properties will be investigated.