B.Sc. Samuele Neuberg

Graduated at Università degli studi di Padova (IT) under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Mancin.

Joined the team in March 2020.

Room No.: 4039
Phone: 089 289 54133
E-mail: samuele.neuberg[at]tum.de

Research Topic: Evaluation of activity and selectivity of dinuclear Cu- and Ni-NHC/pyrazolato complexes in the electrocatalytic CO2 reduction.

The scope of the Master Thesis is to synthesize different calix[4]imidazolium[2]-pyrazole macrocycles  as ligand precursors of the corresponding Cu2+ and Ni2+ NHC-complexes. Particular attention will be addressed to the functionalization of these ligands (e.g by varying the length of the alkylene bridge or by modifying the electron density on the imidazolium moiety) necessary to control the stereo-electronic properties of the metal centre. The complexes will be characterised in detail using NMR, EPR and UV-VIS spectroscopy, as well as X-Ray Diffraction to elucidate their solid-state structure. Then, CO2 electrocatalytic experiments will be performed with the dinuclear Cu- and Ni- complexes to evaluate their ability to act as bimetallic reduction catalysts using cyclic voltammetry. Special emphasis will be focused on the selectivity of the process, to understand to what extent the catalytic systems are active and which products can be yielded.