M. Sc. Xiaoxin Ma

Joined the team in September 2019

Graduated at Shandong University under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Lijie Ci in 2018

Room No.: 3013
Phone: 089 289 54164
E-mail: xiaoxin.ma[at]tum.de

Research Topic: Design and Mechanism research of MOFs and MOFs derived materials as Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting

This project is devoted to the both, fundamental and technological studies, on electrocatalysts for water splitting in general. The research will cover the developing of new methods, synthesizing rational materials about MOF and MOF-derived thin film for electrocatalysis in water splitting, improving the techniques to fabricate catalysts with high efficiency (e.g. mass or area normalized activity) and low overpotential, and gaining fundamental understanding of electrocatalysis using ex-situ and in-situ techniques.

Selected Publications

X. X. Ma, L. Chen, X. H. Ren, G. M. Hou, L. J. Ci J. Mater. Chem. A, 2018, 6, 1574–1581 (High Performance Red Phosphorus/Carbon Nanofibers/Graphene Free-standing Paper Anode for Sodium Ion Batteries).

X. X. Ma, G. M. Hou, Q. Ai, L. J. Ci Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 9642 (A heart-coronary arteries structure of carbon nanofibers/graphene/silicon composite anode for high performance lithium ion batteries).