M.Sc. Karina Hemmer

Joined the team in March 2019

Graduated at Technical University of Munich under the guidance of R. A. Fischer


Room No.: 4038
Phone: 089 289 54132
E-mail: karina.hemmer[at]tum.de

Research Topic: Diastereoselective catalysis in confined reaction space of metal-organic frameworks

My PhD project focuses on topology and pore confinement effects controlling diastereoselectivity in metal-organic framework catalyzed reactions. Therefore, the specific design of confined cavities improving secondary substrate-catalyst interactions will be addressed to form one isomer preferentially. This concept has recently been applied for the catalytic cyclopropanation and will be extended to epoxidation and tandem catalysis.

Selected Publications

K. Epp, B. Bueken, B. J. Hofmann, M. Cokoja, K. Hemmer, D. De Vos, R. A. Fischer Catal. Sci. Technol.20199, 6452-6459. (Network topology and cavity confinement-controlled diastereoselectivity incyclopropanation reactions catalyzed byporphyrin-based MOFs)