B.Sc. Philipp Güllich

Joined the team in March 2020

Room No.: 4038
Phone: 089 289 54132
E-mail: philipp.guellich[at]tum.de

Research Topic: Perylene monoimide complexes as a model for the energy transfer in solids

In photonic research perylene dyes gain special interest caused to their exceptional properties e.g. chemical, thermal and photochemical stability with high fluorescence quantum yields. This Master’s thesis is aiming towards the energy transfer of dyes in the solid-state. Hereby, different spatial arrangements of dyes to each other will be compared in order to deepen the understanding of photonics inside solid materials. As a first step the synthesis of several aminochelate groups like 3‑aminopentane‑2,4‑dione are performed in order to conduct imidization reactions with naphtalic acid anhydride and perylene mono anhydride. These imides will then be tested in the synthesis of transition metal complexes. The resulting materials will then be analyzed by 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, PXRD, Mass spectrometry and SC-XRD towards purity. As a final step, the synthesized metal complexes will be investigated towards their photophysical behavior.