M.Sc. Raphael Bühler

Graduated in 2020 at the Technical University of Munich under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Roland A. Fischer.

Joined the Team in April 2020.

Room No.: 4037
Phone: 089 289 54131
E-mail: raphael.buehler[at]tum.de

Research Topic: Investigation of intermetallic clusters’ reactivities utilizing “living libraries” and implementation of spectroscopic strategies for their characterization.

The PhD project aims to investigate the reactivity of Hume-Rothery inspired nanoclusters towards small substrates. These clusters are composed of late transition metals (TM) and group 13 elements (E). In order assess a systems’ properties in all of its complexity, the investigations are performed on TM/E “living libraries”. This brings forth considerable challenges as the species are thus characterized as mixtures. A central aspect of this project is therefore the implementation of a strategy of “multi-dimensional” spectroscopy in order to further understand the nature of intermetallic systems’ reactivities towards catalytically relevant small molecules.