M. Sc. Jan Berger

Joined the team in January 2019

Graduated at Technical University of Munich under guidance of Prof. Dr. R. A. Fischer in 2018

Room No.: 4036
Phone: 089 289 54130
E-mail: jan.berger[at]tum.de

Research Topic: Functionalized and Flexible Metal-Organic Frameworks: Responsiveness Towards Guest Molecules and Influence of Mesoscopic Defects on Flexibility

Both Functionality and Flexibility allow for targeted manipulation of host/guest interactions in MOFs.

On one hand, this can be straight forward and used to induce selective gas adsorption by tuning the pore environment with side chains with different degree of saturation. Part of my research focuses on how this affects sorption thermodynamics, kinetics and pressure dependencies in gas separation of C1, C2 and predominantly C3 gases with rigid, but functionalized MOFs.

On the other hand, this can be way more complex but useful to create responsiveness – if precisely controlled even switchability – in flexible MOFs. Part of my research focuses on investigating the ability to trigger this structural change by an external stimulus – temperature, pressure changes or introduction of a specific adsorbate – and try to retain this property while incorporating mesoscopic defects such as unreactive or catalytically active nanoparticles.